digital mind robotics


Welcome to Digital Mind Robotics, your gateway to exploring my journey and passion for technology. Within this portfolio, I share some things about myself and details of the projects I am working on. With a robust background in technology, I’ve contributed to remarkable projects, merging professional expertise with a personal love for building and creating. My primary technologies are Python, C/C++ and Robotic Operating System (ROS). I am currently learning Tensorflow and RTOS. Contact me to collaborate on cool projects.

About this website

This website was built using Hugo. Hugo is a simple solution for building websites which allows for the creator to focus on content. It is perfect for creating a blog or a portfolio. This website uses the Hugo Learn theme. Building a website with Hugo consists of installing and selecting a theme. The selected theme can be modified. Adding content is done by writing pages in Markdown, which is much more efficient than traditional methods. The logo for my site was generated using AI at BrandCrowd.